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The appreciation of drones won’t be subsiding in the near future, with their adoption across a wide variety of Australian industries such as geological/scientific exploration, smart city traffic flow, and surveillance.
Even the
Australian government has adopted Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for military and security purposes, not to mention the thousands of passionate hobbyists across the country.  

It’s an exciting time to see the development of UAV/RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) and how they can provide ROI across the diverse M2M/IoT business models already existing in the Australia and New Zealand markets. See our feature below for more information on how we can provide realtime, uninterrupted connectivity across your business’ networked devices.

M2M Connectivity works with a number of leading cellular brands to offer dual SIM and failover solutions, as well as working on solutions to provide cellular with failover to satellite – please contact us if this is of interest.

Darren Moroney, General Manager, M2M Connectivity

M2M Solutions for the UAV Industry

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS) operation is a growing industry, covering such diverse fields as commercial interests, military applications, scientific research, agriculture and surveillance/security.

M2M Connectivity offers a range of sensors and M2M wireless devices that enhance UAV realtime connectivity and robust response using GNSS antennas and modules, 3G/4G and satellite embedded modules and modems to provide connectivity.

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COR IBR1100 for Fleet-Wide Critical Comms

Are you currently running high-performance, mission-critical vehicle fleets such as ambulances, police cars or mass transit systems? Now featuring a dual-modem dock, the COR IBR Series routers are ideal for quickly and securely scaling deployments.

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SIGFOX/Radiocrafts Module Handling Tips

If you recently took up our July Developers Offer on the SIGFOX/ Radiocrafts module, you may find these D/PAC handling tips useful:

–  Each module is programmed with a unique ID/PAC pair in non-volatile
memory on module production line.

–  This ID/PAC can be read out through the module UART port.

–  When a product is built with a SIGFOX/Radiocrafts module (i.e. a garage opener), then the module’s ID/PAC shall be retrieved during the production test phase of the final product and labeled on the device according to the manufacturer’s procedure.

– When an end customer receives the product, he or she can activate it on his or her own account based on the labeled info.

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Has your business been affected by network downtime? Never miss another transaction or access to crucial POS information with the COR IBR600, which offers failover features as standard.

Australian pop-up stores will find the COR IBR600 especially useful, as it provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for secure wi-fi networks and VOIP options, while eliminating the need to install a fixed broadband connection point.

View our one-page Case Study on an Australian retailer’s success here.

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